Saturday, January 9, 2010


This week Masha, Erin and I rented some Telemark skis, went up to Snowbird and this is what happened. Turns out it's as hard as it looks.
It was also the maiden voyage of my new GoPro HD -- the coolest HD, waterproof, wearable, not to mention smallest video camera I've ever seen.

Enjoy the show.

("1901" by Phoenix)


  1. LOVED THIS!!! you are so great at making films as well as skiing

  2. SICK!!!!! I love how you started out right with the pack leader.

  3. Another great camera to add to your bag! And fabulous editing.

  4. loved it!!!!!!!! woo hoo such an amazing day... thanks for putting my struggles with my skis coming off. But it was fabulous excellent job fannie

  5. I gotta admit I was really disappointed that you guys found someone to teach you- I was really excited to see what the three of you would come up with when left to your own devices. Great song choice, by the way.