Sunday, December 27, 2009

Year's End: 2009 in Review

January: Moved to London. 27 Palace Court, hello! Stonehenge, Bath, Stourhead.
February: Big snow: the entire city shut down -- 18 inches, people! Wales. Isle of Wight. Stratford-Upon-Avon. Mum comes to visit! Teaching Young Women's at the Mitchum Ward. Valentines Day party.
March: London. Irrreland for St. Patrick's Day. Lake District and Northern England. Nutella addiction peaked. Kitchen duty.
April: London. Paris en la printemps. Come home. DG Initiation. Skiing again.
May: LA with Jake. Relief Society presidency. Internships (ad agency & Local First Utah) and summer school... yuck. Montana with Masha, Dad & Thomas. Amanda's senior recital & graduation.
June: Montana. 20th birthday bash. Boating. Road biking.
July: Montana with the friends. And more Montana. Harry Potter party & premiere! Expelliarmus!
August: Montana with the Moretons. California with the London girls for a wedding (just kidding). School starts (yay!) Amanda moves down to BYU and I become an only child with Louie.
September: Back to DG and loving it! Rush. DGs at the Drive-In with the Anchorman as my date, my tradition. Inst with Aubs. Fishing the Green River with Dad. Football games. Go Utes.
October: School is hard, but I love PR. Rock climbing class = blisters. New little sis, Emily! T-Shirt Master with Vanessa, my first little sis. New York for Fall Break with Lauren, Aubree, Emmy, Taylor and Caruz. Flapjack for Anchor Splash. Checked off a life-goal and saw The Sounds!

November: Initiation. Masha's surprise 21st. DG Formal. Derby Days Dodgeball & Soccer Domination! Sig Formal. Casino Night... check out the outfit. Ski teaching at Alta. Thanksgiving.

December: Busy, busy. Finals. Ski teaching. Wedding videos. Sub for Santa Dance Party. Partying with Erin and Masha. Christmas! California.

2009 has been an amazing and eventful year! It's been a year of travel and adventure; definitely a year unlike any of my past 20! I've seen so many awesome things, met so many awesome people and had so much fun with all of my friends. I've learned that everyday is an adventure; there is beauty everywhere, even in the ordinary; you can make anything fun; and it will all get done... somehow.

Can't wait to see what 2010 will bring.


  1. You have had one of the most legit years in the book. haha Seriously look how much you jam packed into one year!!!! It's been a good one for everyone I think. So glad I could be there for part of your 2009!!!! Bring on 2010.

  2. Wow Steph! You've had quite the year. Hope all is well! Love your cute blog!

  3. i absolutely loooved the year in pictures! so creative.