Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Moreton Noel

Christmas at Club Moreton this year was quite impressive. As Christmas is a holiday that is not just one day, here's what we did to celebrate all December long.

After Amanda came back into town from down south, Louie picked out our Christmas trees for us.
Afterwards as we pulled up to the front door, before we even unloaded the tree, we decided to grab the camera and take our Christmas card picture. Louie was definitely not in the mood. You should have seen it: the four Moretons running like crazy, slipping on ice as we tried to catch our mutt who wanted to play a game of Chase.Finally after we tracked him down with much shaking of the Scooby Snacks box, (yes, we feed our dog Scooby Snacks) we managed to land this pic:
In other celebrations, I planned a Sub for Santa Christmas Dance Party with the DGs and Good in the Hood, a non-profit organization that a bunch of my friends started. I wrote an article about Good in the Hood for my news writing class, and you can check it out here.

The party was a hit. We had almost 300 people packed into the DG house, and by charging $3 at the door we raised over $600. The money helped refugee families have their first Christmas in the U.S. by providing them with much-needed necessities. Amanda helped me drape Christmas lights in the Chapter Room while the other elves decked the rest of the house out to make it look extra festive. We also had a dj and enough Christmas treats to last until next year. It was a combined effort of a lot of people that made it such a success for sure!
I've never seen more people jammed into the Deeg, and probably never will again.
Santa, in the shape of 5" Morgan Sorenson, even stopped by!
Oh, another Christmas thing: for a DG Monday night meeting all of the DGs went ice skating over to the Gallivan Center. These pictures took far more skill and concentration than it appears.

All in all, it's been a great Christmas season. Now off to California to get out of the winter cold for a bit. SLC: 12 degrees. Palm Springs: 68 degrees. Merry Christmas!

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