Monday, March 15, 2010

It's one of those late night things

Sorry I haven't been blogging in a while.

I should post more... but it takes way more energy than stalking other peoples' blogs does. So people whose blogs I stalk, keep it up. Like this. And this. And this. Oh, and this too.

But hey, while I've got you here, want to hear what's going on inside my head at 1:23 am? I tweeted this before (yeah, how cool do I sound), but I really think that college students have no idea what we're doing. And isn't it great?! When else can you do absolutely whatever you want (funds and nice parents permitting) and it be totally ok to fail and start all over again. OR on the other hand, do absolutely nothing but take two credit hours and get away with telling people you're a student and to get off your back. As a junior in college I'm finally trying to take this college kid mentality to heart and live it up. Why worry about the future so much? Live in the moment and enjoy, because time is passing and I may have to grow up one day. Or not.

Now that I'm all revved up...

Want to study for my Intro to Quantitative Communication Research midterm for me tomorrow? Believe me, this class is as great as it sounds. And my professor, my middle-aged ornery, global warming-crazed hippy professor, wears leggings with stirrups. Even if learning about the difference between nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio data was the most interesting thing in the world, I still would not be able to look away from her pants strapped to her short legs long enough to focus on the PowerPoint. I mean, could you?

So... will you study for me? K great thanks.

Oh by the way, Spring Break starts in t-minus six days. Not that I'm counting. Or over the moon about the idea of spending a week with 20 of my favorite DGs on a Mexican cruise. SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!

So I went on a date on Saturday night. And all in all it was fun. But we saw a play called "Our Town." Ever seen it or heard of it? Yeah, we hadn't either, but I went into it with an open mind. The play had no props, no scenery, just a narrator narrating what we should be seeing. (Just how small of a budget does Pioneer Theatre have?) I tried so hard to see something good in it. So hard. But, by the time the second, yes second, intermission came around and the play reached the point where I had to explain to my date that the actors sitting in chairs looking off into the distance were supposed to be dead townspeople in their graves watching living people have a funeral, I threw in the towel. Luckily we could laugh about it after. But we couldn't get those 2 1/2 hours back.

Anyways, I read this article on Lady Gaga the other day and all I have to say is whether you love her or hate her, you gotta respect her. If you want to talk about genius branding, just look at what Poker Face herself has done. She has gone from Lady who? to the most googled person in 2009 is less than two years, which is downright remarkable! How has she done it? SOCIAL MEDIA. It's the future, people. Start embracing it before it embraces you. She has 2.8 million Twitter followers and 5.2 million Facebook fans. Basically, if Oprah and Lady Gaga joined forces and created an army, we've got trouble. But what makes Gaga cool is that it is by trusting her own style and instinct has led her to where she is today.

Read this article if you need more convincing.

Did I really just post on Lady Gaga?


In other musical thoughts, have you heard of the band She & Him? If not, get on your Pandora and listen to them now. The band is a collaboration between Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, two singers I quite enjoy. So you would think those individual likes would combine to make one love, right? She & Him comes ever so close (especially with this new fun song), but still seems to miss the mark. The main problem I think is that Zooey shouldn't be carrying the vocal team. Join in, M. Ward. Alleyoop for the dunk! (Ana: I tried so hard to think of a cool basketball reference, but I think this one kind of fell flat. Ah, well.)

In other news, the jury is totally out as to whether or not I want it to be spring yet. In a perfect world it would always be winter in the mountains, low 80s in the valley and the Great Salt Lake would be an ocean. Genius, right? I love skiing so of course I want ski season to be prolonged, but seriously, I've forgotten what it's like to open the door and not have every nerve in my body tighten because it's just that cold. Remember what it's like just to sit outside? I'm forgetting. The problem is that March is the most pre-teen bipolar adolescent month in the whole year. Two days ago it was close to hitting 60. Yesterday we got four inches of snow. Make up your mind already. I guess what it really comes down to is that I know we still have some of the best powder days of the season in store, but I sure won't mind the warm sunshine.

With that, I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow is going to come early, but what's new? Good night the few people that read this who should really be doing your homework.


  1. hahaha you know me too well! I just read your beautiful post instead of starting my 5-6 page paper that's due TOMORROW! perfect. also, I read that lady gaga article a couple weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it. I'm obsessed with her. but I still love beyonce most though.

  2. Steffer, I heart you. I loved reading this. And agree with your analysis of She and Him.