Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back to move forward

Talk about an awesome couple of months! DG president, marriages, trips, skiing, ah, it couldn't get better! Here's a recap of my amazing year.

Let's start in the summer: Delta Gamma National Convention in Denver, Colorado with Katie and Heather, two DG rockstars.

Taking the local blind school bowling!

Masha's wedding, the first of the six to go!

Two days later it was Mama Drea's day!

Then more weddings plus a trip to California and Lil's and Aubree's farewells.

In August I started my senior year of college and you know what that means: RUSH!!!!

BID DAY! Here are 101 of the best girls around.

DG Dodgeball plus Homecoming Week and Songfest!

Did I mention WE WON SONGFEST???

Sigma Chi Bid party, DG Casino Night, DG's at the Drive-In and Derby Days Dodgeball!

Fall Break in Arizona!

Anchor Splash with our awesome DG consultant, Erin! (And yes, that is Shaky Smithson)

HARRY POTTER 7 PREMIERE and the most epic party EVER. EVER!

DG formal, ESPN Gameday, Greek Awards, messing around at the Deeg

Christmastime! Annual DG Christmas dance party, then a trip to Hawaii to relax after a crazy semester.

To wrap up the year I've had a fabulous Christmas break full of skiing, Jazz games, gingerbread house-ing, and a whole lot of doing nothing.

2010 has been one amazing year, that's for sure. I have a feeling, though, that 2011 will only get better. Happy 2011!


  1. yes i stalk you, and yes i love this post.... and can't wait for 2011!

  2. I like how your dog went to Hawaii with you in your Ukulele picture.

  3. This is so wonderful. My new year's resolution is to be a bigger part of your 2011.