Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ski Dreams

For my PR Cases & Campaigns class I'm created a strategic campaign for a local ski company, Bluehouse skis. Seriously, this has been my PR dream so I've been loving the project, but it's been a lot harder and more work than I anticipated. Check out this cool presentation my group and I made for our analysis phase of the project!

Doing all of this ski research has made me want ski season to come soooo badly though! I cannot keep these skis off my mind!! Which ones should I get?


  1. Steph this is out of control impressive! You are so flipping talented. Awesome project!

  2. Also... you've got me stoked on Prezi (I showed it to my whole office, along with your presentation), and I vote Rossi S110.

  3. Very very cool, Steph. I wish we were in PR classes together!