Friday, December 4, 2009

Crew 22

I love my pledge class, Crew 22. A group of such legit girls can be found nowhere else! As my last project as DG T-Shirt Master I decided to make a sweatshirt for Crew 22. I just finalized the design today and I hope it turns out!

These guys are seriously all my best friends and I love being a part of the best pledge class out. After three years we're still standing strong, although not 22 strong, but strong nonetheless! Yesterday my grandma showed me a photo of her Kappa pledge class from UCLA. I think 50 years down the road, I'll still have my pledge class photo and be showing to my granddaughter, talking about all of the fun and crazy things I did in college with all of my best friends. Stories worth telling for sure.

1 comment:

  1. love love love this. crew 22 is the greatest thing to happen to me. i really can't think of what my college life (and the rest of my life for that matter) would be like without you girls. best pledge class, no question. and steph, if the only way to get those sweatshirts is to pay $58 - I'LL DO IT! They are so freaking cool!!!!!!!!!